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It's all about the numbers at the end of the day.. getting those sales bigger and bigger if you are in business. It is "trendy" to have Monthly subscription boxes right now and if you want to ADD big bucks to your bread and butter sales (those people that make your regular income) you need to start a subscription Box service. If you aren't involved in this fad you are missing a big boat. - 
Subscription boxes are perfect for :

Anyone wanting to get in business , in business or who owns a multi-milliondollar business. 

First let me say some why's and then we will get into the hows' . Subscription boxes save on sales staff and you can just hire shipping guys and take advantage of all the bloggers out there (like me!) who are happy to review your boxes for free. Use those influencers to get the word out and the cost is just some boxes to get the buzz moving. 

It's a great way to add samples for bigger products, to get your name out in front of people as once you get the buzz going with your influencers (bloggers) you will get it out there for you plus all those bloggers will be interested in purchasing possibly as well and if not they will at least replace the box you sent by getting at least 2 or 3 committed buyers so the boxes aren't free you send them but in a sense it is as you will pretty much replace that box and add some subscribers. When I talk about subscription boxes I get a lot of feedback as everyone is so interested in what is in the box and also what's new out there in terms of boxes. 

okay.. not to make this too lengthy.. but let's get into how to get started.. for just a few people.. this is just a nutshell post and each of these subjects I could probably write a book on -- (sales tech, whys, etc.. ) To get started just a few pointers..

Keep the PRICE LOW! I used to go to events and it is much better to sell a $1.00 item than a 30.00 item.. you will sell 30.00 in dollar items and the $30 item will sit (in case you do tables and booths)

DO TABLES AND BOOTHS (most stores, etc.. will let you come in for FREE ) if you put a can out and donate to a charity Let people sign up to get the subscription Box right then and offer free samples or a drawing for a free box - As a sweepstaker too, trust me people love to enter.. and let them enter as much as they want too! - A sweepstake winner will blab it all over too!.. but sweepstaking isn't always the best so follow my lead as many don't give a rat about it.

Next - Get all those bloggers.. Twitter is the go to , (sorry facebook - marketers all know to go to twitter) so if you want big guys get the guys with the big #'s I have 60,000 plus followers on twitter @R47R - A tweet will generate a few thousand views fast.. but as they say don't be stupid.. you don't know who is up and coming so use small bloggers, big blogger, and med size bloggers. There is MUCH to be said about the SMALL BLOGGERS and BIG BLOGGERS because of the "ENERGY" AND ENTHUSIASM. A small blogger will blab it all over as well as the seasoned blogger. .. and those Med. size bloggers you can't leave them out so don't get caught up in Twitter, facebook and interaction numbers you see - you want to get your products out there with a boom! so Toss out those boxes like water as they should pay for themselves. I grow violets and one thing that has been my competitive edge in business and in life.. is I don't follow the rules and without exception I always have outperformed my peers- As a newbie or old sales/recrutier/pr girl.. I used to say when recruiting some people like the soft spoken person some like the clown.. we need them ALL! NEVER ASSUME and don't get caught up with numbers.. on blogs, etc.. just do it! 

Now the box... obviously you have to be able to make money and afford it.. the box should be the "teaser" to get them to BUY MORE.. some boxes are just samples.. trust me.. not the best way.. coupons, yuck! Get on the other side.. Let me give you some examples that may help you to put in a box.. for the newbie say you are in direct sales, a mom that wants to sell something or a multi-million dollar business here are some ideas ...

LOGO STUFF... LOGO STUFF...LOGO STUFF.. to get your name out there!!!! (tax write offs too for many of you.. but tax write offs aren't good if you don't make a profit.. so keep this in mind in building a box)

At least one WOW product.. example a Blow up Clown that is BIG may be better than a $50 action figure to the guy that doesn't have a clue.. so think it through and don't forget shipping!

at least 5 products - so here would be one for a make up bag

1 lipstick - neutral shade (#1 seller lipstick) 1 face powder (neutral) Women use this daily and will want this again, face wipes, lip balm, and 
nail color - Note these are all useful... think like a consumer then put in a book or booklet or flyer about all the great products they "COULD BUY" you may add coupon codes, discounts , etc.. I suggest something like a free facepowder or something else with an expensive item - reasoning they just sampled the full size powder and may buy it again. Cost of the box to you do the math and make it work out to 20% including shipping if you are in the box business . Another reason is if you want the LONG TERM business you will want to do this... Another way depending on your distributor is to just about do it at cost with a 1.00 or something added if you see they are buying to cover the cost and thus you are just sending samples but that could be another program.. say a step up more expensive box for those who are really buying regualar.

okay.. got you thinking.. Let's talk about something for those who aren't in business and want to be.. 

Try this.. 

Make a mystery Box that you can exchange with those who are your friends and relatives, etc..  
Buy stuff from the dollar store or other places do the math and contact bloggers, Make sure you include your shipping cost or you will have a situation .. things like jewelry, make up, etc.. are pretty low to ship and if you do books, etc.. you can get media rates.. all said.. Between bloggers and your friends, and tables you should be able to kick off something. Cost of box and sample box

1. book, waterbottle, planner or journal, nail polish, small tote - Can make a BACK TO SCHOOL MYSTERY BOX,,


you can do tables , shows, go to businesses on payday and let them buy on the spot (no shipping) ...

 cost.. $1.00 store - sell for $10.00  if you do shipping you will have to add for that or just do local people.. which I suggest unless you find that you can market it with the shipping cost.. then do ebay, amazon, etc..

The ideas are endless!!!! 

   If you would like me to review a product for you it is free and a great way to get your name brand out there :) Email me at

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