Monday, July 24, 2017


What you will see cannot be unseen! .. with that.. 

I present the marriage of subby boxes and party plan people...  If you are in business of any sort or want to be these are two of the easiest ways to grow your money - Let's start from the Subscription Box view point as I haven't seen a lot of activity with this.. If you own a subscription business why not ask your box subscribers in a email etc.. to launch a PARTY for the box? Moms in the early 20-30 range all usually spend a few years in the party plan business either going or selling. I know I did... selling or holding parties for just about everything, recruiting etc.. one company had me recruiting over 1000 reps in my team, not to mention those 2,000 orders from my personal customers.. with that ( I am not in party plan .. it was a season and easy to jangle even if you work a regular job as I did too) - so with that.. imagine if you launched out and offered a special party box for those who loved your products including instructions on how to hold a party (simple a table and coffee.. trust me women don't want to cook and BUY snacks.. if they do it's a bonus but I have had many hostesses that didn't want to do a party simple because they didn't want to buy a snack so stick to the coffee.) ..Let them set the products on the table and take orders for the monthly box. In exchange you can give them a free time of free boxes from 1 month to a year.. what is the worst that can happen ? You sell a bunch of party boxes.. okay.. now for all my direct selling party girls.. You know the drill .gather your products together and do the above only making a monthly box of your products and when you do your deliveries or mail outs you will increase your sales and parties plus hostesses . Make sure everyone does the math for the project as write offs are good but business profit should be the goal as if your business is a complete write off you aren't making money. - So many people hear invest in your business but the truth is if you aren't making money after awhile you need to rethink if you are climbing the right tree. I hope you enjoyed this and hope it helps you launch out into growing money! Please feel free to share this with your sales teams : ) 

If you  would like me to review your subscription box, product, partyplan starter kit or product it is FREE and a great way to get your name brand out there !

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