Friday, July 7, 2017


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I absolutely love this Subscription Box Club. I read alot, in fact I read more than the normal person, something I picked up as a kid. I often think of how I would go on vacation and fill the backseat of my car with totes of books, as a adult. As I child, I would  go visit my grandma Yingst, and read in her beautifully Pennsylvania Dutch home on her window seat.  Book Case Club sends you books each month starting at $9.99 . What I love is that you can choose which Type of books you want to read. They asked me what type I would be interested in and I chose the thriller box (Gotta have my dose of those thrillers!!!). I loved my box ! I felt that the books were a good choice for me. If you are a book tuber like me -those of us that do youtubes on books we read, you will be able to get a active discussion going on your reads on youtube with other readers who have read the books.   If you aren't a book tuber you will enjoy checking out the booktubes on the books. (you can watch my book tubes at - along with all the other things on our vlog). You can also chose more books if you read a lot or less books as the book boxes are all different sizes! This is also a wonderful way to encourage little ones to read as they have children boxes. I did receive my box for review purposes and no monies were exchanged. 

   A beautiful way to display your homemade dishclothes.

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